F7/Thunderbird 2 Problem

Carlos Alberto Alves drcaa at predialnet.com.br
Wed Jun 6 00:28:31 UTC 2007

Norm wrote:
> A new install of Fedora 7 went well using the rescue disk to start the 
> process.
> I added Thunderbird as my email client after the basic install, the 
> first thing I noticed is Thunderbird 2 does not allow for RSS feeds - 
> this seems to be a Mozilla issue  but another issue with Thunderbird has 
> occurred.  For a while it works fine and then when I attempt to open an 
> email it shuts down, usually but not always a reboot resets Thunderbird 
> so that it works for a while and then the problem starts over again.
> Has anyone else experienced this?  I am not sure if this is a 
> Thunderbird issue or a Fedora issue so I have not submitted a bug report.

1- Thunderbird allows RSS Feeds. I am currently receiving 8 of them. 
Just create a RSS Feed as you do with an e-mail account.
2- Never experienced any problems with Thunderbird, but I do not install 
it during fresh installs or upgrades. I download a new file from Mozilla 
and extract it (as root) in /usr/local. You have to create a launcher 
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