Long boot delay probing hardware

Jim Dever jdever at triad.rr.com
Thu Jun 7 19:44:34 UTC 2007

Alan Cox wrote:
>> Oops... sorry.. it was just an assumption.  I guess I assumed wrong.  I
>> hate to be stupid but... where do I start to look for resolution or who
>> do I grab to help me out with this?
> For the moment I'm just waiting. Tejun was looking at a similar case with
> a CD drive which said "I'm a disk" when the reset occurred followed by
> "I'm a CD" when asked. The same fixes may well sort out the tape drive
> too.
> (Basically a device has a 'signature' on reset that tells you what it is,
> and then there is an identify command which gives more info. If the two
> disagree as to the type of device then right now we get quite upset and
> try resetting the device to make it talk sense. For the devices that
> genuinely in firmware give confusing answers repeatedly resetting them
> does not of course make them talk sense).

Thanks for your time and the explanation.  If there is anything I can do
to help out let me know.

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