no more /dev/video

Karl Larsen k5di at
Sun Jun 10 22:42:53 UTC 2007

Francois wrote:
> Hi,
> I used to use my webcam which worked fine with my system (fedora core 6).
> I stopped using it, about 2 or 3 months ago. Now I want to use it, and it 
> doesn't work anymore.
    Hi Fran, it has been months ago since you got your webcam working on 
FC6 but I wonder if you recall where you got the information on doing 
it? I have a USB plugged Logitek webcam with mike that takes all kinds 
of software to get working on Windows. It sounds like a kernel rebuild 
is necessary.

    If your getting the huge amount of update stuff I am now as a new 
user of FC6 then the kernel you fixed may not be the your now using. Got 
to /boot/ and see how many kernels are there. You can direct which to use.

Karl Larsen

> I checked in the /dev directory, and I do not have the video entry as I used 
> to have.
> I always use the same kernel, and I use to update my system using yum.
> I do not have any idea. Help would be welcomed ;-) Thanks. Francois

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