nxclient under F7

Jonathan Allen jonathan at barumtrading.co.uk
Mon Jun 11 11:51:26 UTC 2007

On Mon, Jun 11, 2007 at 01:45:37PM +0200, Joachim Backes wrote:
> my selinux on the NX server side had already been disabled.
> Further, nxclient on F7 can operate with NX on F7, but not with NX on an 
> FC6 server, but still nxclient on WinXP operates with NX on FC6 server.
> It seems that nxclient/F7 is not able to operate with NX/FC6-server.

If it is any help, the rxdp server has the same problems.  With a real
Windows client, rxdp/F7 works fine; with an FC6 or FC6 client, it doesn't
work.  Something in the F7->otherFC? doesn't work right.


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