Security updates, where to find?

Eric spamsink at
Tue Jun 12 00:25:20 UTC 2007

At 09:06 AM 6/11/2007, Tim wrote:

 >> Join the announce list.  You'll get an e-mail about each update,

Good evening, Tim.

Thanks, I have done that, and in the last few hours I have gotten a few 
dozen update notices.

Of all of the update notices I've received since mid afternoon that 
concerned F7, not a'one (not a single one) shows up in Software Updater as 
being an updated version of an installed package.

In some cases, that is because I don' t have the package installed.

In one case, the "updated" version was older than the version I have 
installed (how does that happen?).  The version I have installed is the 
version that resulted from the initial installation plus the first "update 
all" from several days ago.

In the rest of the cases .. about half of the packages that remained ... 
every one is newer than the version I have installed, yet didn't show up in 
Software Updater.

I don't mind just saying "yum update XXX" for every one, if that's what I 
need to do, but how come they don't show up in the updater?

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