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Tue Jun 12 05:22:54 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-06-11 at 20:20 -0400, Jace Carlson wrote:
> Second, I'm one of those unlucky few who doesn't have a DVD burner, so 
> after downloading Fedora 7, I am unable to install it.  I have a single 
> hard drive and a dual boot configuration with Win XP and Fedora Core 6.  
> I have a copy of the iso on both NTFS and Ext3.  When I boot to the 
> installer, it gives me the option of installing from the hard drive...  
> but no matter where I put the iso under XP or FC6, I am unable to find 
> it.  The help file says to mount the iso using the following command: 
> "su -c 'mount -o loop =t iso9660 <isofilename> <mountpoint>' provided 
> that <mountpoint> physically exists.  That works wonderfully...  while I 
> remain under FC 6, but when I boot to the installer, no such mount point 
> can be found.

Yes, mounting only works for what you mounted it on (the current running
session).  You don't need to mount anything to use the ISO though, the
install process handles that.

Do you have a CD burner?  Burn the small rescue disc, boot from it, pick
the hard drive install method, choose the partition that you stored the
DVD ISO on, and away it'll go.  I've done this a few times.

Do you not have a burner?  You can put the boot.iso into your boot
partition, configure GRUB to boot off it, boot off it, choose the hard
drive install method, pick the partition holding your DVD ISO on, and
start installing.  I've not done this, but there's been quite a few
postings going into this method recently, in much more detail.

(This box runs FC7, my others still run FC4, FC5, & FC6 in case that's
 important to the thread.)

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