Compiling kernel under F-7

Giancarlo del Rossi gdelrossi at
Wed Jun 13 15:31:08 UTC 2007

Timothy Murphy ha scritto:
> 1) The current version of orinoco_usb does not work
> with kernels earlier than 2.6.21.
> 2) The current version of orinoco_usb does not work
> with the kernel that comes with F-7.
> (There is a kernel panic.)
> 3) The previous version of orinoco_usb only worked
> with kernel 2.6.19, or possible earlier kernels.
> 4) My version of vanilla kernel-2.6.19
> does not work with F-7.
> The system hangs while booting.
> For these reasons I compiled a vanilla kernel-2.6.21.
> Orinoco_usb works with this,
> but as I explained there is a problem with this kernel,
> as compiled by me;
> it hangs during boot unless I enter the interactive phase
> (with 'I') and type more or less at random.
> Presumably there is something wrong with my .config -
> my question was if anyone has met this problem.
> My probably ignorant guess as to why orinoco_usb
> does not work with the F-7 kernel, 2.6.21-1.3194.fc7,
> is that it has something to do with sharing interrupts.

Check if the system boot correctly at runlevel 1 with the newkernel

Enable kernel logging whit the syslog.conf

Clear the log of your system, reboot in your runlevel and check the new 
log for eventually errors. (see dmesg, messages, boot.log)

Disabled the quiet param on the grub configuration (to see the dialog of 
the kernel at boot ),

When the system say  "Welcome to Fedora, Press 'I' o enter interactive 
startup" the really "interactive mode" are aviabile after the OS enter 
in the respective run level (INIT).

First of this step, the system found correctly the volume data of your 
disk ??  (you see a redhat nash version 6.0.9 starting )

After the string of interactive mode, and first of entering in the 
correctly run level,  the system make this step:

Clock,udev, keyboard param, hostname, mount the partition scheme from  
the /etc/fsatb.

The system hang with  one of this step or first ??



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