Error when compiling with g++ in Fedora Core 7

Aquil H. Abdullah aquil.abdullah at
Sat Jun 16 02:14:50 UTC 2007

Hello All,
  I have just installed Fedora Core 7 on an x86 system.  It was the
smoothest install of any Fedora Core that I have attempted.  However, I am
having a problem using the gnu compiler in particular with g++.  I have
written a simple hello world program:

#include <iostream>

int main(void)
  std::cout <<"Hello, World!" << std::endl;
  return 0;

and attempted to compile it using the command:

[aha at boombata devel]$ g++ -o hello error: iostream: No such file or directory In function 'int main()': error: 'cout' is not a member of 'std' error: 'endl' is not a member of 'std'

As you can see for some reason iostream.h is not being found, even though I
have confirmed it's existence:

[aha at boombata backward]$ ls /usr/include/c++/4.1.2/backward/iostream.h

Now I may be in the wrong place for such a question, but does anyone have
any about how to fix this problem. I am embarrassed to call myself a
developer :(


Aquil H. Abdullah
aquil.abdullah at
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