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Randy Vice damocles at
Mon Jun 18 13:09:26 UTC 2007

On Mon, 18 Jun 2007, Ed Greshko wrote:

> jdow wrote:
>> Chu - directing that at greshko might have been more appropriate.
>> "Ed" was most impolite for no good reason. "Scroom and the horse
>> he rode in on," would be a suitable reply for Ed's behavior.
> I'm not sure about "no good reason".  Somebody signs up for a mailing list
> with their "normal" email address and it gets harvested and they get more
> spam and then say the distribution is flawed based on that.....well it just
> gets my goat.  The induhvidual blames everyone except themselves.
> Let's not get into a tit for tat on "behavior" shall we.  I can surely point
> out times where others "behavior" went over my line....or is it over your
> line....or is it over some imaginary line....
> The simple point I suppose I should have made put your email
> address on a public list and you expose yourself to spam.  Should the email
> list be responsible to protect you from your folly?  I think not.

It would nice if Fedora was to setup spam filters when someone selects 
a SMTP to be installed.  Sort of like how IPtables is setup to be 
installed and running at boot.


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