Is prelink really randomizing every two weeks?

Cameron Simpson cs at
Tue Jun 19 02:13:53 UTC 2007

On 17Jun2007 17:06, Frank Cox <theatre at> wrote:
| On Mon, 18 Jun 2007 08:57:52 +1000
| Cameron Simpson <cs at> wrote:
| > | Now that's a first for me.  And a rather clever idea indeed.
| > It's a hideous idea. Email should just work. EVery stupid hack like this
| > makes that harder for everyone.
| Right up there with using non-standard pipe symbols for your quoting
| character, perhaps?

They don't make things not work. I just find them easier on the eyes
than the jagged > chars.

Anyway, it seems the NOSPAM address is for real; I had taken it for the
usual "I've put a busted email address in my headers" hack. I withdraw
my flame.

| > | The best one I've seen previously was setting your email address in newsgroups
| > | to abuse at, so the spammers would file their own complaints.  Your
| > | idea is just as cute as that.
| > 
| > Hmm, no, it's not as awful as that. That swamps the abuse@ addresses
| > with crap, preventing them being used for genuine reports of trouble.
| > Really clever - actively working to break a trouble reporting system.
| Not really.  The abuse system gets emails from the spammer, blocks same.

Hmm. Given the amazingly high forgery rate of spam headers, does this
really achieve anything? I still maintain it breaks the abuse channel
for the sending of genuine complaints.

| But come on, now... You gotta admit that his idea for an email address is very
| clever, even if you don't agree with his method.

Now I just think it's weird and pointless. Perhaps there's a deeper
layer of subtlety I haven't yet seen.
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