OT: Apt-get vs YUM?

Karl Larsen k5di at zianet.com
Fri Jun 22 15:22:37 UTC 2007

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
>> I got the yum-utils package and tried yum package-cleanup --problems
>> does not work. Do not know why not.
> What do you mean by "does not work".
> I just ran it on a system upgraded from FC-5 to Fedora-7,
> and it worked perfectly - found 36 problems.
    Your not 71 years old and didn't try yum first. Had you paid ANY 
attention to what I wrote you would have said " of course it didn't 
work, you don't use yum package-cleanup, just # package-cleanup". Yes I 
found 5 problems and they are all fixed.

> [I upgraded from FC-5 because I found this old system on the machine,
> and didn't want to destroy my FC-6 system, in case Fedora-7 didn't work.
> As it happened, it worked perfectly - 
> on a PIII Katmai 450MHz machine with 400MB RAM -
> though it took about 6 hours to upgrade.]
> This led me to install (too late!) the yum-fastestmirror package,
> and I was quite impressed with the number of yum plugins available.
> My impression is that good work is being done to make yum 
> as versatile as possible, and I certainly would not think of changing
> to anything else.
> Incidentally, I always run "package-cleanup --cleandupes" just in case;
> it sorted out problems on another machine.
> I will try --cleandupes as well. Good stuff.


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