FC7 adding unneccesary mailboxes in /var/mail

Timothy Murphy tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie
Mon Jun 25 12:04:45 UTC 2007

Tim wrote:

> Tim:
>>>> Has anyone else noticed that FC7's /var/mail is full of zero-byte
>>>> mailboxes for all users?  It includes ones for services (squid,
>>>> webalizer, sshd, etc.), not just human users.
> Chris:
>>> Not until you mentioned it.  How odd.
> Jeroen van Meeuwen:
>> It isn't really that odd at all, since all users can receive mail.
>> Sometimes though, they never do (some system accounts are in
>> /etc/aliases and forward to root, some systems never receive mail from
>> the outside world and are not being used to send mail locally).
> Well, odd in that this is the first distro that I've seen do that.  I'd
> have thought that the aliases file might have been looked at before
> making mailbox files.  Or that they'd be created the first time a
> message was sent to them.  Though I can see problems with configuring a
> mail client for the first time, if it directly accesses the mail spool
> file.
> I can't see it being a problem, it just seemed strange.

I agree it is very strange.
As a matter of interest, how would I read mail addressed to tcpdump?

Does it actually allow lunatics to send email to these virtual users?

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