printer only works from FC3

Andy Green andy at
Thu Jun 28 09:16:27 UTC 2007

thufir wrote:
> My samsung ML-2510 printer works like a champ from FC3, as advertised on the
> box.  However, I would rather run Fedora 7.
> So, I'm working on compiling stuff to try a different route, but...I dunno, just
> frustrating.  I'm considering returning it, depending on their return policy.
> The Samsung driver installed and worked in FC3.  In Fedora 7, the samsung driver
> installs but then nothing happens in cups.  There's this SPLIX driver I'm
> working on, but, I'm not holding my breath.
> Any thoughts?  Run FC3 in emulation?  that seems rather drastic.

Take a look in


what does lpq say?  printing a test page from system-config-printer?


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