RE;: which grub to edit?

Jack Byers byersj at
Thu Jun 28 18:13:21 UTC 2007

Jack Byers     byersj at

On Thu, 2007-06-28 at 07:33 -0700, Thufir wrote:
>pardon if I posted this before.  I was working on grub last night.
>Win2k and Fedora 7 are on sda (hda) while FC3 is on sdb (hdb).  The
>MBR on sda is being used, I believe.
>Which grub do I edit to get all OS's booting?  I tried a few
>variations, mucking with the one in /boot/grub/... from FC3, but
>wasn't able to hit on the correct combination.

Crude way to figure this out:  Presuming that they don't all have
identical set-ups.  Note what your options are in the boot menu, see
which grub.conf file has the same ones.  That's the one being paid
attention to.


if you are still confused on this:
try adding cosmetic changes to the titles in both grub.conf
but different changes in each.
Then reboot
your splash screen will show you which one is being used.

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