Booting F7 Installation DVD

Dave Cross davorg at
Sat Jun 30 15:03:00 UTC 2007

I have a Philips Freevents X51 laptop and I'm having real problems
getting the F7 installation DVD to boot.

It boots to the initial screen, where you press "enter" to start the
installation, but at that point it seems that the keyboard is
unrecognised. Pressing any key has no effect at all.

I've used DVDs burnt from downloaded ISOs and the DVD that came free
with this month's copy of Linux Format. But they all fail in the same
way. The same DVDs have worked successfully on other computers.

Some time ago I successfully installed FC6 from DVD on this laptop and
it's currently running Ubuntu which I installed from a magazine cover
disk. But I'm getting frustrated with Ubuntu and want to come home to

Any advice?



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