How to get mail to local destinations delivered?

John Summerfield debian at
Sun Nov 11 20:58:30 UTC 2007

Steve Cowles wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 11, 2007 at 03:35:55PM +0000, Timothy Murphy wrote:
>> Chris G wrote:
>> It fails, sendmail attempts to send it to chris at which
>> it decides is out there in the internet somewhere.
>>From your first post, you stated you edited /etc/hosts to...
>     home
> Don't know if it matters to the resolver lib, but the format of the
> hosts file (from man hosts)
> IP_address canonical_hostname [aliases...]
> i.e. smtp smtp1
> I'm not running FC7, but every FC release I have used in the past has
> always configured sendmail to only listen on localhost out of the box.
> So you might need to edit to have sendmail also listen on
> eth0.
That's not needed, see a post I made a few minutes ago, with mail being 
received for potoroo.demo.lan - it's not listening on anything but lo.

> To override sendmail from using DNS lookup for your domain name and
> force e-mail to be delivered locally without "relay=public IP", I would
> suggest that you read about implementing the "mailertable" feature in
> As others have stated, you would also edit
> /etc/local-host-names as you have already done.
> i.e. mailertable entry
> esmtp:[]
> -or- maybe something like
> esmtp:[]

I found root at localhost works and root@[] does not on my f8 box:
    ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
     (reason: 553 5.3.5 system config error)

    ----- Transcript of session follows -----
553 5.3.5 [] config error: mail loops back to me (MX problem?)
554 5.3.5 Local configuration error



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