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Wed Nov 14 05:40:02 UTC 2007

Ed Greshko wrote:

> Maybe you met Lorrie Lee?  He was at CSIRO and they had a Cyber 205 as well.
>  He came up to Taiwan to help me install the 205 at the Central Weather
> Bureau.  Funny story about him and trying to get a wrench from the local
> engineers.....

CSIRO is fairly big:-)

The bloke I met then worked for Facom, about '82, Fujitsu's Australian 

I didn't work _for_ Facom, but I used their office and facilities, 
including their access to the CSIRO M190. There was an awful ruckus on 
one occasion. We (Facom+) booked some time overnight for dedicated 
access. My babysitters got bored and went home, left me to it. I was 
still there in the morning, at the master console, when CSIRO arrived.

Words were said, mostly not at me tho;-)
> Never worked on the 6600.

Until I saw it, it was one of those mythological monsters. As I recall, 
it was right next to Gandalf.



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