External Hard Drive Mounting Problem for Back up's

Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Thu Nov 15 23:08:40 UTC 2007

Ralph De Witt wrote:
> Hello All:
> I am new to Fedora. Just installed Fedora 8 on my Dell Inspiron Laptop. So far 
> I am impressed. I have a USB External hard drive that is attached. Does 
> anyone know how to permanently mount the partitions on it? I would like to 
> use it for Hard Drive back up and to play music files from. Also could you 
> recommend a good way to back up my current lappy hard disk to one of the 
> partitions on the external hard drive. TIA

I suspect you don't really want to "permanently mount" removable 
filesystems, what you want is to mount them if the device is present.

You have an option in system->preferences->removable media which is 
probably what you want. You *may* be able to put lines in /etc/fstab for 
"noauto" mounting, I don't know if that would be scanned by the hotplug 
stuff. Of course, if you don't care too much about all the filesystems 
being mounted on /media/* points, just enable automount, make sure the 
filesystems on the removable device are labeled (see tune2fs) and you're 

Wasn't that easy?

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