F8. How to disable pulseaudio

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Fri Nov 16 19:32:50 UTC 2007

Colin J Thomson wrote:

> On Friday 16 November 2007 04:26:31 Rex Dieter wrote:
>> Colin J Thomson wrote:
>> > OK Rex, so what are the "Fedora KDE SIG" suggestions, would be most
>> > interesting. As mentioned in a previous post I think the default
>> > settings is "Auto" in the control center and suspend of 60secs.
>> Yes, that's the default (for good reason). :)
> Ok thanks,
> One other thing I have noticed is a "lag" in the desktop (KDE) sound
> events when running pulseaudio.

Yeah, I've noticed that too, but we've been focussing mostly on stability,
not performance.

What you can try is reducing the arts sound buffer (in
KControl->Sound&Multimedia->Sound System, Skip Prevention).  Be careful
though, reduce it too much, and pulseaudio stops working (for me, ymmv). 
The lowest I've been able to make it safely was
23 milleseconds (4 fragments with 1024 bytes).

-- Rex

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