How to build firefox, devhelp, yelp?

Paul Johnson pauljohn32 at
Sun Nov 18 18:28:46 UTC 2007

I installed Scientific Linux 5 (a derivative of RedHat 5, similar to
CentOS) on a workstation here, just to test and see what's up.  It is
a little bit like stepping back in time to Fedora 6, I think.

One of the thing's I've been surprised about is that the EL community
is set on using Firefox 1.5, and I wanted to build the newer one.  So
I decided I'd take the version of firefox from Fedora 8 and build for
the SL5 workstation.  I am able to build a new Firefox RPM, but the
install fails because devhelp and yelp were built with the older
gecko-libs that was provided by Firefox.

Well, its not such a huge deal to use the old Firefox on that SL5
system.  But it made me really curious about how the 3 packages,
Firefox, devhelp, and yelp, are  built by the Fedora maintainer.  I've
been googling on this question this morning and I get a bunch of links
to posts about people who have trouble updating Firefox in Fedora 8
because of conflicts with devhelp and yelp, so apparently I'm not the
only one for whom this is a difficult question.

So, how to build.

As I'm writing this out, a guess just crossed my mind.

1. Upgrade firefox-devel.

2. Rebuild devhelp and yelp.

3. Then simultaneously install/upgrade firefox, devhelp, and yelp.

Good guess?

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