irqbalance dead but subsys locked

kwhiskerz kwhiskerz at
Sun Nov 18 18:31:52 UTC 2007

In f7, irqbalance always ran (I haven't got a clue if it ever did anything, 
but the daemon was always running and shut down normally when I turned the 
computer off).

In f8, irqbalance starts at system boot, but by the time X starts and I can 
have a look at services, it says "irqbalance dead but subsys locked". Then, 
when I turn the computer off, stopping obviously fails.

Is there something wrong? I read in the manual that irqbalance can be set up 
to run once, or the default behaviour is to run every 10 seconds. In f7, it 
must have been every 10 seconds. Running only once and setting the irqbalance 
for the whole session is just fine...

If that is what is happening here. Is it?

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