Dual layer dvd burning

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John Summerfield wrote:
> Mike Morraye wrote:
>> Dear List,
>> I would like to buy a Dual layer burner so i can burn my data. ( with
>> k3b)
>> But i read a lot about the slow burning process.
>> How long would it take to burn a 8GB  @ 8x speed on a dual layer dvd?

As in the previous answers, DVD write time is at the same rates as
non-DL disks.  And it takes twice as long to write twice as much data.

>> Thx in advance. ( I dont like spending my money to the wrong stuff )
> Eh?
> Are there current DVD burners that don't do dual-layer? I have some
> Pioneer DVD burners that I bought because they were cheapish and weren't
> the brand I don't like, and those do DL.

Most DVD ROM drives will *read* DL drives.  But the original burners
weren't capable of *burning* DL disks.  I bought 1 a year or so ago that
was DL capable (Lite-On in case anyone is interested), it cost more than
burners which were *not* capable of burning to a DL disk.

BTW, I haven't heard about a recent DL drive that *doesn't* work with
Linux.  If they comply with the current ATA standards, they work.
So, if you find a drive that doesn't work with Linux, let us know about it!

> What bothered me last time I looked was the media price; DL media seem
> to me a bit like 2.88 Mbyte floppies, expensive and rare.

They exist.  I bought a 25 pack.  Readily available at Staples/Office
Max/Office Depot/etc.  I even found some at BJs (local big box store).
Can't say I've look for them at Circuit City or Best Buy recently, and
the local CompUSA closed up shop here.


While the drives are capable of holding 8GB of data, the filesystem is
*still* not capable of holding a file >= 2GB.  This is usually not a
problem when writing video onto these drives as the VOB filesize is <
2GB anyways.  When using them to write backups of large files, games
must be played to get the data to fit.

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