Audacity 1.3.4-beta for testers

stan goedigi89__e at
Tue Nov 20 16:58:29 UTC 2007

Michael Schwendt wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> Fedora 8, 7 and 6 still contain Audacity 1.3.2-beta. There have been
> two new beta releases since then. Sooner or later somebody surely will
> open a ticket and use reproachful words when requesting an upgrade to
> 1.3.4-beta, just because it's newer. So, here's some sort of status
> update and the opportunity for the community to help with evaluating
> that latest beta release. We, the packagers, appreciate all forms of
> success and failure reports as well as feedback sent to the Audacity
> developers upstream.
> Fedora 8 binaries of Audacity 1.3.4-beta for i386 and x86_64 can be found here:
> They are not signed, but the directory contains a SHA1SUMs file signed
> with my key.
> The source of these packages can be found in Fedora Package CVS, of
> course, albeit in a separate devel branch. A README file in the
> rpms/audacity directory contains a few notes about that branch:
> The packages were built with wxGTK 2.8.4 as included with Fedora 8 and
> no longer with wxGTK 2.6.x. This may result in changes in the GUI.
> The packages are NOT built with JACK support, because the PortAudio
> v19 audio I/O driver system in Audacity 1.3.4-beta starts the JACK
> daemon during initialisation and blocks the ALSA and OSS drivers from
> working correctly. There are many errors printed to a terminal. When
> built without JACK support, at least one can evaluate the ALSA support
> (with or without running Pulse Audio).
> Further, as of Audacity 1.3.3-beta, the heavily changed PA v19 driver
> system determines inappropriate sample rates, which are rejected by
> ALSA, leading to an error dialog until the user chooses a compatible
> project rate out of many incompatible ones. This is reason enough to
> assume that it breaks in similar ways for other users with different
> audio hardware.
> Anyway, I'm interested in success and problem reports, and I'm even
> more interested in anybody's attempts at reporting problems to the
> upstream developers.
I haven't tried it yet, but it explains a problem I am seeing with 
audacity 1.3.4-beta CVS on both Fedora 7 and Fedora Rawhide..  It fails 
because jack opens the sound device and thus portaudio-v19 can't.  The 
1.3.3-beta CVS (that I have) works just fine on Fedora 7.  I'll install 
your test version and see if it works.


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