SMPT AUTH problem

Franco primo at
Wed Nov 21 08:11:18 UTC 2007

John Summerfield ha scritto:
> Franco wrote:
>> John Summerfield ha scritto:
>>> Franco wrote:
>>>> Hi, i have a problem with sendmail and saslv2 authentication,
>>>> i have configured sendmail to permit relay to authenticated users
>>>> but with right login and password it don't authenticate.
>>>> If i try testsaslauthd it work fine and test is ok but when i try
>>>> to authenticate via sendmail it don't authenticate me.
>>> Most important, what messages are being logged?
>>> Be sure to turn on logging for the highest level, if you don't get 
>>> useful leads at first.
>> Ok i have passed to an high log level sendmail and the problem that
>> give me is Login Failed i have also undestood where is the problem.
>> On my server some users are created so user.domain and the 
>> authentication for this user work fine, other users created as 
>> user at domain don't work because sendmail see @domain as realm but
>> the real user are user at domain and not just user.
>> Any idea to resolve?
> I have set up auth on Debian, where I run postfix, so it's not directly 
> comparable.
> My users who don't specify a domain are check against the default domain 
> name which is the name postfix gives in its greeting.
> The difficulty I had was discovering what domain it was using, testing 
> is all very well, but it's useless testing something that's not what is 
> being done.
Hi John i have resolved, i search on many many how too and found many 
exsotic solutions :) than i have found a little how too where i see that
into the start parameter of salsauth into /etc/init.d there was a -r and 
this -r used to indicate that the username can have @ into its name and
now work with and without @.

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