ip masquerading

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 24 17:46:08 UTC 2007

hi tim...

basically, a laptop connecting via ath0 to my network (and the internet).

the setup is

 internal box    ------>   laptop  (wireless) -----> network/internet
    eth0                  eth0   ath0               eth0

in order to have multiple ports, the eth0/ath0 are on different subnets.



the setup has to allow the internal box, to communicate with the laptop, as
well as the rest of the network.

the solution (at least for me)
  on the internal box
     -setup a route command to allow the laptop (eth0)
      to be the default gw

  on the laptop
     -setup iptables to pass/masquerade from eth0 to ath0

this allows me to ping systems from the internal box.

however, i still can't seem to access the internal box, from any other
system in my network... so something in the iptables/masquerade isn't
working correctly..

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bruce wrote:

> i have a situation where i have a system with two connections, one
> wireless, one eth connetion. i can currently connect with the wireless
> ath0 to my network/internet/etc...
> however, when i activate the eth0 at the same time, i can't access the
> network via ath0. as far as i can tell, i need to implement ip masquerade
> to have eth0 map, to ath0...
> my test ip addresses are:
>  ath0 -
>  eth0 -
> any thoughts/comments/pointers...

I don't really understand your setup.
Is this a laptop connecting to a desktop which connects to the internet?
If so, I can't believe that you need ip masquerade to connect via ethernet.
I'm sure the problem is much simpler.

Maybe it's a dhcp problem?
Or maybe you are running a firewall on the desktop
that does not allow access from your first LAN (192.168.1.*)?

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