ip masquerading

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at infinity-ltd.com
Sat Nov 24 18:48:32 UTC 2007

bruce wrote:
> hi tim...
> basically, a laptop connecting via ath0 to my network (and the internet).
> the setup is
>  internal box    ------>   laptop  (wireless) -----> network/internet
>     eth0                  eth0   ath0               eth0
> in order to have multiple ports, the eth0/ath0 are on different subnets.
> laptop
>   eth0
>   ath0
> internal
>    eth0
> the setup has to allow the internal box, to communicate with the laptop, as
> well as the rest of the network.
> the solution (at least for me)
>   on the internal box
>      -setup a route command to allow the laptop (eth0)
>       to be the default gw
>   on the laptop
>      -setup iptables to pass/masquerade from eth0 to ath0
> this allows me to ping systems from the internal box.
> however, i still can't seem to access the internal box, from any other
> system in my network... so something in the iptables/masquerade isn't
> working correctly..
I think this is more a case of using the wrong tool for the job. IP
masquerading is not really want you want to do. I think you might
find bridging will work better in this case. It will let you keep
everything in one netgroup. If you don't want to do bridging, you
can still set ip IP tables to froward traffic for the
network, but you will have to tell all the other computers on your
network that need to access the machine that the
gateway to access it is


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