Installing DVD iso

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Mon Nov 26 18:51:03 UTC 2007

Robert L Cochran wrote:
> Right, and you can install over NFS: put the iso image in a directory on 
> a different Linux machine, export that directory over NFS, and then use 
> the rescue CD to start the installation with. Specify "NFS image" as the 
> installation type when you come to that screen.

Have you actually /done that/ with anything newser than FC6? Because I 
posted a while ago here that I couldn't make it work, had verified that 
both the http and nfs access worked, and a number of people agreed that 
it hasn't worked recently because it's still trying to find stuff on CD 
subdirectories of some such.

I took the download URLs right from the http server log, ran them on 
another system, and verified that they worked and gave correct. I tried 
both the live CD install and the "boot.iso" versions to be sure I had 
valid boots.
> You can do it over ftp too. I haven't done an ftp install in a while 
> though.
> You can also do it over VNC. I've only done that once and with an early 
> version of Fedora Core, probably 2 or 3. VNC-based installs seems 
> unnecssarily complicated to me.
> Why bother burning DVD media, if you can do it over the network or on a 
> hard drive they way Jeff suggests?
Because recently the network install only seems to work if you rsync the 
whole tree and create a repository.

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