[OT] Is Samba client not following the protocol?

Deepak Shrestha d88pak at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 15:21:06 UTC 2007


May be dumb question but I am testing this so I need to ask.

I have a windows machine sharing a folder. Using samba client in my FC
machine, I see whole lot more drives than the one shared (C$, D$,
E$,...).  IFAIK these are shared for administrative purposes. Besides
that if certain folders are shared with "$" sign (for invisibility
purpose), Samba client shows all these drives.


Isn't that when you put "$" sign at last of your share (in windows),
it was not supposed to be visible.

Windows machine perfectly follows these rules. If I have Samba share
which is set to invisible, Windows machines doesn't show any of the
invisible folders in their network browser.

Since I don't have windows server installation, I cannot test it but I
guess if I share a folder from windows server with hidden status,
samba client will probably will show all the hidden shares.

So is this extra information a feature or bug?


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