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Re: kernel panic

>     We are all in the dark Jacques. I have no way of telling what the
> new computer has in the way of ram (I have 2 gb of 400 MHz Buffalo
> Select stuff but there is no information on what the computer calls it.
> And I don't know what kind of Internet cards are in the mother board.
>     I don't know what goes in the /etc/modprobe.conf file. It is all one
> great mystery.
>         Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI

I wasn't necessarily looking for detailed specs.  First was my
assumption correct in what you did (which I am under the impression at
least part of my assumption was correct), that you cloned a drive in
your old computer to put in a new computer?

As for specs on the old and the new PC (again I'm pretty certain my
assumption is correct here), I was just wondering how much RAM, the
size and type of hard drive (i.e. IDE or SATA), and the CPU.

I don't want to bury the above in too much text because it will get
missed if I do and therefore not answered.  So I will keep this brief.
 Cloning an install will work great if you are putting the new drive
in the same box (or identically equipped boxes).  If you are going to
a new box then it could cause you some headaches (I know, you already
learned it the hard way).  Having said that I would have thought that
providing that the new drive was at the same location (same IDE same
SATA bus) and partitioned the same as the old drive (so that Grub
would look at the right place for the Stage 2 boot loader) that it
would have started the boot process and that kudzu would detect
hardware changes.  Anyone more knowledgeable on kudzu able to fill in
the blanks on that one?

Finally although admirable that you want to further your knowledge of
Linux and F7 by taking the path less travelled (clone and trouble
shoot vs new install and copy over /home), doing so without an
adequate foundation of knowledge and experience is not wise.  It is a
recipe for problems.  Some of your replies on the threads of the past
week or so on your experiences in attempting this feat certainly
supports that you probably do not have the necessary foundation and/or
experience.  In absence of that, those with that knowledge on the list
can try and help you providing you possess other Linux
skills/knowledge which will allow you to apply the advice given to
you. But your frustrations with your no so pleasant experience with
migrating F7 to a new system appears to be contaminating your attitude
towards those trying to help you (which will be fewer and fewer people
unless you change your ways).  Therefore I suggest that you either
take the advice to do a new install and copy over your data, or take
the time to follow the advice given on how to trouble shoot your
present attempts (and provide answers to questions posed by those
trying to help you so that they can provide more insightful advice).

Jacques B.

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