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Re: A little tip (and maybe a request for quality control?)

Frode Petersen wrote:
Ian Malone wrote:
Typically I run $ vorbisgain -sraf /<yourmusicdirectoryhere>
r = recursive
s = silently ignore non-Vorbis (such as playlists)

I had completely forgotten about the -r option! When I started using the utility, I think I tried it, but found that the option was not enabled in the Fedora version at the time. Since then I have just tought of vorbisgain as non-recursive. (OTOH, my memory might have suffered from static electric shocks, rendering it not completely reliable, so I might not have read the man pages at all. Wonder about all the other things I recall..)

This makes the need for the find command go nicely away. Thank you!

I used to build it myself and always made sure to turn
recursion on.  Reminds me, there was a bug I wanted to
check had been fixed by now.


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