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Re: Internet traffic and Azureus -

Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> be released in this country movies, but then again, have you ever known
> a criminal to admit what they are doing is wrong without being caught,
> have you ever known a spamemr to think what he/she is doing is spamming,
> its all denials, adn we see right through you :)

I googled on Australia civil criminal copyright and it seems your laws
are a mixture of civil and criminal liability as I expected, depending
on what the offense was.  There was a change in 2006 that criminalized
some specific stuff around software copying it seems, but the minor
noncommercial media copying law appears to remain a civil offense.

Even in Australia ;-) you might get into trouble calling people
"criminal" when nobody found them guilty and it would be a civil offense

>> I'm on an unlimited 20Mbps cable connection... along with what must be
>> hundreds of thousands of others here in the UK -- it's not cheap but
>> it's not a "business plan".  Your idea of what is possible and what is
>> good customer service for ISPs seems pretty messed up.  In the future
> The cost of data to Australia is expensive, courtesy of the american
> tier 1 extortionate interconnects, we can pay anywhere up to 30 times
> what U.S ISPs do per data (they blame it on the loooooooonnnnggggg trans
> pacific haul), so there will never be such a thing as true unlimited on
> a survivable business model in this country :)
> Certainly not in any forseeable future.

Seems we agree greed and bad service from the carriers is the problem.

If you look at the "good side" of P2P, once it is in Australia you can
get it locally... there are new licensed content P2P services like Joost



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