Good bye

Kelly Miller lightsolphoenix at
Mon Feb 4 08:09:25 UTC 2008

Les Mikesell wrote:
> That should be the upstream author's designation, shouldn't it?  Does 
> the mozilla group still even admit that firefox 1.5 exists?  What 
> about the beta dovecot that was shipped in RHEL4 and never updated to 
> the release version?  Complaints about the old bugs kept showing up in 
> the upstream mailing list years after the stable release, confusing 
> everyone.
Wait, wait, wait.  You were complaining about Fedora being too far ahead 
and being unstable, and now you're knocking RHEL for being too far 
behind?  What exactly do you want?

I'm starting to think that the guys who said you simply want a distro 
custom-tailored to your exact specs are right.  What would satisfy you, 
a distro with all the latest versions that doesn't have any bugs in it 
or something?

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