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Michael A. Peters mpeters at
Mon Feb 4 10:29:20 UTC 2008

Kelly Miller wrote:
> Les Mikesell wrote:
>> That should be the upstream author's designation, shouldn't it?  Does 
>> the mozilla group still even admit that firefox 1.5 exists?  What 
>> about the beta dovecot that was shipped in RHEL4 and never updated to 
>> the release version?  Complaints about the old bugs kept showing up in 
>> the upstream mailing list years after the stable release, confusing 
>> everyone.
> Wait, wait, wait.  You were complaining about Fedora being too far ahead 
> and being unstable, and now you're knocking RHEL for being too far 
> behind?  What exactly do you want?
> I'm starting to think that the guys who said you simply want a distro 
> custom-tailored to your exact specs are right.  What would satisfy you, 
> a distro with all the latest versions that doesn't have any bugs in it 
> or something?

If that's really what he wants, he can have it mow:


I've actually gone through the project a couple time (first time was 
actually on a PPC - using Yellow Dog as the initial OS) - I probably 
should again at some point, it's a great learning (and re-learning) 
experience, though it is too time consuming to keep it up to patch level 
for normal use for any length of time.

If he really wants RHEL/CentOS with FireFox/Thunderbird 2 - I'll give a 
shameless plug:

I have a small repo dedicated just for FireFox/Thunderbird updates to 
CentOS 5.x (FireFox and Thunderbird are rebuilds of F8 src.rpm's - it 
also has rebuilds of the two RHEL/CentOS rpm's that break due to 
gecko-libs change)

Please note - FireFox 2 is a little wonky on my low memory machines (384 
MB laptop and 512MB desktop) it crashes a lot - the binary tarball 
release from Mozilla is much more stable (but because it is built 
against a different libstdc++ than icedtea, the icedtea java plugin 
doesn't load in their release)

On my 2GB x86_64 machine I haven't experienced crashing. Me thinks the 
crashing on the low memory x86 is caused by a memory leak that my higher 
mem machine can handle better, but I haven't fully investigated.

Thunderbird 2 works great on low mem machines - other than it can't read 
local system mail. But that's what alpine in EPEL is for.

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