package 'synchronization' for multiple systems

Tim Alberts talberts at
Thu Feb 7 18:15:11 UTC 2008

I'm setting up multiple systems and ideally I want the same package 
configuration on all of them.  So I'm going through yum and rpm queries 
manually to try and get this done.  There must be a better way.  Is 
there a way to use yum or rpm to configure multiple systems with the 
same packages?

If yum or rpm has something native built into it to do this, that would 
be great.  If there's some scripts to simplify some tasks that works too.

I've used webmin's 'Cluster Software Package' module, and will probably 
fall back to it.  However I don't think I get the info that yum gives 
regarding package grouping and what packages are part of what 
capabilities.  Gotta query elsewhere for it.  (no disrespect to webmin 
folks, great tool)

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