package 'synchronization' for multiple systems

Todd Zullinger tmz at
Thu Feb 7 18:34:28 UTC 2008

Tim Alberts wrote:
> I'm setting up multiple systems and ideally I want the same package
> configuration on all of them.  So I'm going through yum and rpm
> queries manually to try and get this done.  There must be a better
> way.  Is there a way to use yum or rpm to configure multiple systems
> with the same packages?
> If yum or rpm has something native built into it to do this, that
> would be great.  If there's some scripts to simplify some tasks that
> works too.
> I've used webmin's 'Cluster Software Package' module, and will
> probably fall back to it.  However I don't think I get the info that
> yum gives regarding package grouping and what packages are part of
> what capabilities.  Gotta query elsewhere for it.  (no disrespect to
> webmin folks, great tool)

Checkout puppet[1], cfengine[2], and maybe func[3].

If you only care about getting the initial installs identical, then
kickstart[4] may be all you need.


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