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Cameron Simpson wrote:
> On 08Feb2008 11:16, Mark C. Allman <mcallman at> wrote:
> | If a wireless network connection needs to use wpa_supplicant, then
> | wpa_supplicant obviously must be started before network.  Since
> | wpa_supplicant depends on messagebus, that service then needs to be
> | started before wpa_supplicant.  This isn't the order in which they
> | start, which if I remember correctly is:
> |     S10network
> |     S27messagebus
> |     S28wpa_supplicant
> | 
> | I've renamed the links to:
> |     S08messagebus 
> |     S09wpa_supplicant
> |     S10network
> | and everything works just fine.  However, often times when packages are
> | updated ("yum update") the link names revert to the defaults, and I'm
> | forced to go back and fix the names again.
> | 
> | Is there a reason for this order?  Do others rearrange the service start
> | order?  Does anyone else use wpa_supplicant with the default service
> | start order without problems (I can't see how)?
> The /etc/rc2.d (and 3, 4 etc) service files are numbered symlinks to
> masters in /etc/init.d/. These are maintained by the chkconfig command
> from comments at the start of each init script. You need to hack the
> comment lines to stop chkconfig from rearranging stuff out from under
> you.
> BTW, if you modify the comments then RPM updates will probably not
> update the init script, but make a .rpmnew file beside it; you should
> diff them to ensure the new init script differs only in the comments
> you have changed. Otherwise, move yours sideways, move the .rpmnew file
> in, update the comment again.

Sp, basically, he should "man chkconfig" and learn how to use it because
that is what uses the comments inside the scripts in /etc/init.d

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