argh -- can't get wireless in someone else's house

inforainbow at inforainbow at
Sat Feb 9 22:13:51 UTC 2008

The problem are the radeon driver of the kernel.
They are buggy and Xorg is configured to use it!
I've check it out with Vector Linux.
Kernel drivers are not able to control property 3D 
function on RV ATI chipsets.
On Vector Linux I've solved it taking off "#" from the 
option NoAccel of the driver in xorg.conf but that was a 
fix install on hard disk so I've booted in text mode, 
modified the file than restard the system in x.
It's not a Newbie work!
But I don't like vector because it's only in English and 
my girlfriend has troubleus using it.
I've offered to Vector Linux founder my free work to 
localize Vector in Italian he gave me no response!What a 
man! :o?
With distros that start only as live cd there's nothing to 
System crashes after some minute the desktop is came up 
and the only way you have to use the machine is a reset 
using the switch on the case.
If we want newbies will come to Linux Linux must work 
perfectly without man intervention.

Hai tempo fino al 31/03/2008 per azzerare i costi di attivazione:
da casa o dall'ufficio naviga con la qualità di Infinito ADSL

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