Best solution for mail server?

Michael A. Peters mpeters at
Wed Feb 20 13:06:12 UTC 2008

Henning Larsen wrote:
> Sorry for replying to my own mail
> On Wed, 2008-02-20 at 10:50 +0100, I wrote:
>> I have an old fedora-box which are about to die.
>> On that box i use fetchmail to get mail for several local users from
>> several mailservers on the outside net.
>> Now I am going to migrate to a new server, and wonder what tools is best
>> to use.
>> I would like a graphical tool to add remove/mail accounts and other
>> configuring. Today I use webmin, but that's not even part of Fedora.
> not really necessary to have graphical tools.
>> So, what tools would you kind folks recommend?
> I have migrated ok. I still have one question, I have .fetchmailrc for
> all users in /root, and get the message that fetchmail should not be run
> as root. Where should I put .fetchmailrc and how should I start it, from
> rc.local? or as a service.
> please help me out :)
> Henning Larsen

I have ~/.fetchmailrc in my local user account.
I don't run fetchmail as daemon - I have a script run as my local user 
by cron once every 10 minutes:


export TERM=Linux

# exit if need be
[ -f /home/mpeters/lock_burn ] && exit 0


# make sure what we need is running
[ ! -f ${lock}/network ] && exit 1
[ ! -f ${lock}/named ] && exit 1
[ ! -f ${lock}/postfix ] && exit 1
[ ! -f ${lock}/spamassassin ] && exit 1

# start fetchmail
[ ! -f /home/mpeters/ ] && /usr/bin/fetchmail -s
exit 0

~/lock_burn is a file I touch when I'm going to burn a CD/DVD - 
spamassassin is a resource pig and has caused bad burns before on this 
low memory AMD Duron machine, so by touching that file before burning, 
it prevents this script from starting fetchmail avoiding a bad burn.

I then check to make sure all the daemons I want are running - I 
probably don't really need to check for named, I use to forward some 
stuff to another box by hostname in my local bind config but I don't 
anymore (it's in /etc/hosts now).

Anyway - once all the services I need to successfully process my mail 
are verified as running (or at least verified to have a lock file) the 
scrip then starts fetchmail (assuming it isn't already running).

My entry in cron:

00,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * sh /home/mpeters/bin/

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