Disable pendrive

David C. Chipman dchipman at ican.net
Thu Feb 21 05:36:22 UTC 2008

	Hi Arun, 

> Dear David,
> It seems too techinal. 

		Welcome to Linux. What you asked for is rather unusual,
I'm not sure what you were expecting in terms of an answer. 
> Actually I am going to plant linux PCs in the
> forest of windows, where all the windows PC's USB ports are blocked
> for any storage devices, but printers are allowed. 

		If you're planning on sabotaging Windows machines, why
are you asking on a Linux mailing-list? 

> I am currently not in position to change all pcs to linux, where as I
> am seeding linux within windows.

You do realize what you are suggesting (in this case) could be
considered vandalism, don't you?

> I hope you would have understood my problem

I understand what you want to do quite well, but it sounds like a
damn-fool-thing to do!
> Arun

-David Chipman

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