kernel panic on Fedora 8 - a serious bug!

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Thu Feb 21 12:50:05 UTC 2008

Valent Turkovic wrote:

> My caps lock led i blinking and everything is frozen... not even
> CTRL-ALT-F1 is working. I believe this is a kernel panic.
> I'll think it is not iwl3945 module, because it is loaded before gone
> is starting... maybe it is something in NetworkManager or in some way
> connected with AP using WPA encryption...

I'm no expert, but if it were me I would

1. Try turning off WPA on the modem,
which you can probably do through its web interface,
on or something like that.
Use WEP instead, for the time being.

2. Try turning off NM (NetworkManager) with chkconfig.

3. Or maybe the problem is the network service.
Try turning that off with "chkconfig network off".
I think NM and network sometimes get in conflict if both are on.

4. Use a cheap PCMCIA WiFi card temporarily
instead of the inbuilt card.

I have a somewhat similar problem with a USB WiFi dongle,
which crashed the system if attached on bootup,
but which worked if inserted later.
(But this had nothing to do with WPA or NM.)

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