Still struggling with transparent proxy

Joe Tseng joe_tseng at
Thu Feb 21 21:53:47 UTC 2008

So I looked at the page regarding transparent proxies at TLDP ( based on recommendations on this list and tried it out.  I'm currently not able to get the web client to access my test server.  When I look at my wireshark results on my proxy I get something like this:

1.     TCP xxxx > 80 [SYN]
2.     TCP xxxx > 3128 [SYN]
3.     TCP 3128 > xxxx [SYN, ACK]
4.     TCP xxxx > 3128 [RST] -> web client -> squid proxy -> web server

My firewall has external and internal interfaces (with the internal interface being  My proxy is able to access my web server without issues.  My squid has just these three lines changed:

http_port 3128 transparent
http_access allow all
visible_hostname proxy

The baffling thing is the client can access the server but only if I explicitly tell it to use

I'm quite stumped and help would be appreciated.  Thx.

 - Joe
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