roadnav question

Amadeus W.M. amadeus84 at
Fri Feb 22 15:31:56 UTC 2008

 > Anyway, wxGTK is building from the tarball.  I inspected the Dec respin
> of F8's dvd, and none of that is on the dvd, nor can yumex find it to
> install it.  That really really ought to be part of the distro IMO. 

It is:

[root at phoenix ~]# yum list | grep "^wx"
wxGTK.i386                               2.8.4-6.fc8            installed       
wxGTK-gl.i386                            2.8.4-6.fc8            installed       
wxPython.i386                            installed       
wxGTK-devel.i386                         2.8.4-6.fc8            fedora          
wxGlade.noarch                           0.6.1-1.fc8            updates         
wxMaxima.i386                            0.7.4-2.fc8            updates         
wxPython-devel.i386                      fedora          
wxdfast.i386                             0.6.0-3.fc8            fedora          
wxsvg.i386                               1.0-0.5.b7_3.fc8       fedora          
wxsvg-devel.i386                         1.0-0.5.b7_3.fc8       fedora          
[root at phoenix ~]# 

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