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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Fri Feb 22 18:59:31 UTC 2008

On Friday 22 February 2008, Amadeus W.M. wrote:
> > Anyway, wxGTK is building from the tarball.  I inspected the Dec respin
>> of F8's dvd, and none of that is on the dvd, nor can yumex find it to
>> install it.  That really really ought to be part of the distro IMO.
>It is:
>[root at phoenix ~]# yum list | grep "^wx"
>wxGTK.i386                               2.8.4-6.fc8            installed
>wxGTK-gl.i386                            2.8.4-6.fc8            installed
>wxPython.i386                            installed
>wxGTK-devel.i386                         2.8.4-6.fc8            fedora
>wxGlade.noarch                           0.6.1-1.fc8            updates
>wxMaxima.i386                            0.7.4-2.fc8            updates
>wxPython-devel.i386                      fedora
>wxdfast.i386                             0.6.0-3.fc8            fedora
>wxsvg.i386                               1.0-0.5.b7_3.fc8       fedora
>wxsvg-devel.i386                         1.0-0.5.b7_3.fc8       fedora
>[root at phoenix ~]#

1. But its not called "wxwindows" per sei, as the error message so eloquently 

2. Yumex could not find it, searches for 'wx' came up empty, on the system or 
in the repos, nor on the respin dvd last night, so I downloaded wxGTK and 
built and installed it from the tarball, version 2.8.7.
Took an hour just to build it.  This compiler is a POS.  And this morning now, 
yum (but not yumex) CAN find it:

[root at coyote roadnav-0.19]# yum list | grep "^wx"
wxGTK.i386                               2.8.4-6.fc8            installed
wxGTK-devel.i386                         2.8.4-6.fc8            installed
wxGTK-gl.i386                            2.8.4-6.fc8            installed
wxGlade.noarch                           0.6.1-1.fc8            updates
wxMaxima.i386                            0.7.4-2.fc8            updates
wxPython.i386                            fedora
wxPython-devel.i386                      fedora
wxdfast.i386                             0.6.0-3.fc8            fedora
wxsvg.i386                               1.0-0.5.b7_3.fc8       fedora
wxsvg-devel.i386                         1.0-0.5.b7_3.fc8       fedora

WTF? Why couldn't yumex? So now I have a mix-n-miss-matched wxGTK install, 
fscking loverly...

3. Fedora 8 cripples ldconfig by not including all the usual suspect library 
locations by default in, meaning I had to build and install 
libroadnav 4 times fixing such tomfoolery cuz it couldn't find *any* of the 
wxGTK stuffs, before I could even ./configure roadnav, which I did 4 times 
also before it would actually run.  The F7 rpm segfaults instantly here, runs 
great on my F8 lappy though.

It wouldn't have been so bad, but the man page for is a decade old 
and does NOT describe correctly how to add another path, so several of those 
repeats were experiments in getting ldconfig to properly recognize the paths 
and include the wxGTK stuff.  It certainly wasn't finding any of the rpm 
installed stuff that yum now claims _is_ installed this morning and is shown 

4. and something is still missing, roadnav is a cpu hog, and segfaults at the 
drop of a doll sized hat.

Feb 21 21:05:49 coyote kernel: [799800.925900] roadnav[30556]: segfault at 
00000041 eip 494b9d2f esp bf9d8570 error 4

All this because the pl2303 driver tends to lose the first bite of a packet 
and I was trying to test the new code being discussed on lkml with a low 
traffic but pretty steady stream of data from my elderly Garmin 12, an ideal 
test generator for such a scenario. 

Somehow I don't feel like offering any thanks when such roadblocks are strewn 
about.  The ldconfig thing is breaking stuff just to lock us into the rpm 
camp if we're cautious & wanna stick with distro only SW.  Absolutely NO 
mention of the new /etc/ directory, its usage or the 'include' 
directive which is now the only line in the installed /etc/  I 
don't recall it existing in FC6.  Such changes should be documented where 
they can be found with a simple man command if you want folks to be aware of 

End of rant, I'll go quietly officer.

Cheers, Gene
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