Unable to make a boot for a brand new installation - How to make a Grub boot CD?

renek7 no-reply-gw at fcp.surfsite.org
Sat Feb 23 08:46:08 UTC 2008

Hi to all!

My problem is related to a "weird" installation that I've made..
I'm working with a PC with 3 sata disks: the first two are in raid 1 mode with windows xp installed on them, while the third one is the one with the fedora 8 installed.

My booting problem is related to the fact of having a raid 1 using intel matrix storage for the windows disks..
As a matter of fact, since I do not know how linux will write my raid disks, I avoided to install grub on the mbr of the first disk (since I do not want to mess up windows, at least for the moment.. ;-)) and I installed it on a usb pen drive, thinking that it will work as a sort of boot floppy for my fedora (by the way, I checked and I can boot from a pen drive changing the priorities in the Bios).

Instead when I boot the computer it won't launch linux when the pen drive is connected (I double checked the priorities in the Bios and they were correct, in the sense that the pen drive was loaded first, then the cd-rom and lastly the hard drive).

So I guess that it is due to the fact that I cannot boot a linux installed in say, /dev/sdd2, from a pen drive that is recognized as /dev/sda.

Therefore I was wondering if someone can help me to create a boot grub cd from scratch to load the already installed fedora.

The only (additional) problem is that, since I cannot have access to fedora, I shall do it from windows...and I don't really know where to start... (I never done this before and even after having googled the problem I do not understand how to do it...)

I hope that someone can help me... 
because I really need my linux distro to start working...


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