FC8 and NFS service

Mike Iglesias iglesias at uci.edu
Sun Feb 24 05:48:36 UTC 2008

Bill Davidsen wrote:
> I'll set it up tomorrow, but I see no difference between the "insecure" 
> option for one export and the disabling of securenfs which I have in the 
>  sysconfig file. I also note that some of the working clients are using 
> port 32770, which is above both 1024 and 32768...
> I can try it, but secure NFS should just flat be gone.

 From my reading, Secure NFS encrypts the NFS traffic and has nothing to do 
with the secure/insecure options on mounts.  I took a look at the sources, 
and the only thing I could find controlling whether mountd accepted mount 
requests from ports > 1024 was the secure/insecure option.

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