OT: Problem reading 2GB SD card

Andrew Robinson awrobinson-ml at nc.rr.com
Tue Feb 26 03:19:28 UTC 2008

Got a new digital camera. Got a 2GB secure digital card. Filled it up 
with pics. When I tried to read the pics on the built-in SD slot on my 
laptop running FC6, I could only access about half the images. I figured 
I had a bad card so I bought another, from a different manufacturer as 
it happens. I filled the card with pics on the camera. When I tried to 
read it on the laptop, I could only access about half the images. I put 
the card back in the camera and could see all the images. This time I 
figured it was a software problem.

I doubt this is a Fedora problem. But I was hoping someone on the list 
could point me to either a solution or a search string. So far all I've 
come up with are forums on merchant sites.


Andrew Robinson

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