Where does chkconfig write its settings?

Manuel Arostegui Ramirez manuel at todo-linux.com
Tue Feb 26 08:41:53 UTC 2008

El Martes, 26 de Febrero de 2008 01:40, Timothy Murphy escribió:
> Is it possible to change the settings of chkconfig
> on a system which is not running?
> Basically, I have a remote system running Fedora-7,
> but with Fedora-8 on a different disk,
> and I'd like sshd to run when Fedora-8 starts.
> Not important, I just wondered if it is possible.
> I couldn't see where chkconfig saves its settings.

You can just use ln to link your init.d/sshd to rcX.d/SYYsshd
Where X is the runlevel you're booting in.

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