Help with a little dd damage!

Ian Malone ibmalone at
Wed Feb 27 11:56:14 UTC 2008

Brian Chadwick wrote:
> Morgan Read wrote:

>> [root at morgansmachine DiskBUImagesEtc]# dd if=/dev/sda 
>> of=2ndstage.rescue bs=1K count=1280
>> 1280+0 records in
>> 1280+0 records out
>> 1310720 bytes (1.3 MB) copied, 0.0535238 s, 24.5 MB/s
>> [root at morgansmachine DiskBUImagesEtc]# chown morgan: ./2ndstage.rescue
>> [root at morgansmachine DiskBUImagesEtc]# dd 
>> of=/dev/sda
>> 2348+0 records in
>> 2348+0 records out
>> 1202176 bytes (1.2 MB) copied, 0.117155 s, 10.3 MB/s
>> [root at morgansmachine DiskBUImagesEtc]#

>> So, fingers firmly crossed, have I managed to copy enough of my hard 
>> drive with the first two commands to be able to patch back the 
>> catastrophic damage I seem to have done with the last command.  Could 
>> someone more confident than I give me some instruction:)

> sorry ... dd is final ... it did what you said as a root user. dont you 
> love linux ... it does EXACTLY what you say when you are root.

The point was Morgan has an accidental sort-of backup of the bit
he dd-ed over.


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