OT: Something better than kino?

Claude Jones cjones at levitjames.com
Fri Feb 29 21:06:53 UTC 2008

On Friday February 29 2008 11:24:22 am Robin Laing wrote:
> Claude Jones wrote:
> > On Tue February 26 2008, Dan Dennedy wrote:
> >> As the lead developer of Kino and a former Vegas user, I
> >> can safely say there is nothing for Linux that comes even
> >> close to Vegas. Not even the expensive Discreet Smoke
> >> because they have very different UIs and target audiences.
> >> If you think the GIMP UI is bad, then you will surely
> >> dismiss Cinelerra (or nearly all Linux applications for
> >> that matter). CinePaint and Avidemux will not suffice
> >> either. CinePaint is a frame touchup app, and Avidemux is
> >> mainly a transcoding tool with very limited editing.
> >> Nevertheless, if you really want to monitor the progress of
> >> intermediate-to-advanced video editing on Linux then you
> >> can monitor the progress on Blender, Open Movie Editor, and
> >> Kdenlive.
> >
> > As a current Vegas, Adobe Premiere, and DPS Velocity editor,
> > I would agree with the above. But, I wouldn't dismiss
> > Cinelerra from your list. There's an ongoing project in
> > active discussion to re-write the entire code being used in
> > the community version which will also include a rename. But,
> > that being said, we are a long way in Linux land from being
> > able to edit with the power of Vegas. If the new Cinelerra
> > can be what the old is minus the bugs and broken features, I
> > would say it stands the best chance of rivalling Vegas or
> > Premiere in the long run -- Open Movie Editor is not
> > intended to be a full-featured NLE according to its author
> > who participates on the Cinelerra list. Kdenlive doesn't
> > seem to be undergoing a lot of development so far as I can
> > tell, and Blender is not really an NLE application, though
> > there's lots of discussion ongoing of incorporating video
> > editing features into it. All these projects are moving
> > targets and I could easily have missed major breakthroughs
> > in their feature-sets since I last investigated matters,
> > but, I do try to revisit these projects on a regular basis.
> I was reading some news this morning and I came across a link
> for 100 open source applications and in the list was this.
> http://jahshaka.org/
> There is a FC5 release.  I tried to install it on my F8 box
> but I couldn't due to 32/64 bit dependency issues that I don't
> have the time to work out at this time.  I may try it on my
> home machine.
> Source is available.
> --
> Robin Laing

Jahshaka had a lot of promise, and got a bunch of money a couple 
of years back, including from HP, but, since then, there's been 
more work on the website than on the code -- again, I could be 
wrong, but, there were claims being make of a Ver3 release two 
years ago that was imminent, and so far as I know, it has still 
not happenned. I had high hopes for them at one time, but I've 
since become a bit more wary. Cinelerra CV is definitely the 
most under-active-development project in the NLE field right now 
as far as I can tell, with a sizable group of coders actively 
participating in their forums and on IRC. 

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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