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Re: java again really

Karl Larsen wrote:

Why should you use Jpackage?/What is Jpackage?

Hi and thank you. Well it didn't go into detail but it appears the Jpackage is a rpm made from the Sun Inc. package. But it somehow looses it's ownership by Sun Inc. I guess this is a tricky thing to do.

The jpackage site never actually redistributed the Sun jvm because that used to be prohibited although you could download your own copy directly.

Looking at F8 there is a rpm for F8 that includes the current built-in Java. For some reason there is a need for iced-tea. This is not part of that writing.

But it does not seem to work as well as installing the jre from the Sun web site and say yes to their demands :-)

Jpackage had two different options for this install for the linux versions they supported. One way was for you to download the Sun non-RPM binary and then run their script which would package it into an RPM package, adjusting the install location and adding the symlinks to work the way the alternatives system expects and setting it up as the default. This method gives you an RPM that you can use for a single-step install on additional systems. The other choice was for you to download and install the Sun RPM package that installs under /usr/java/, then install the matching jpackage java-sun-compat-xxx RPM that sets up the alternatives system with symlinks to the Sun-installed location. The jpackage portion (either way) also supplies the jvm/jdk requirement that is needed to install the many java applications available from the jpackage repository. But this is all ancient history since fedora is no longer interested in collaborating and has not supplied a matching replacement.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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